About Mandy

“The greatest honour of my life has been to listen: to hear the stories of wonder and the tales of grief and through them see people surrender to their feelings and finally unburden...”

Being Rock - Mandy Preece

I’m Mandy - mum, skills tutor, soul midwife (holistic end of life companion) and lover of spiritual stuff and mad dancing.

I used to be a legal editor until the death of my parents and a dear friend transported me into supporting others at the end of their lives. I trained as a soul midwife and began sitting with terminally ill patients and their families.

I listened to their life stories, their fears, their joys and their regrets. I heard their love and pain.

The patients really taught me how to listen and support them: what worked and what didn’t. I began to teach volunteers the skills I had picked so they too could discover the gift of being alongside people whilst they shared their deep fears, worries and frustrations.

That was my working life – but then the lessons I learnt at the bedside began to infiltrate my personal life. I realised that the skills I had learnt could be applied to absolutely anyone, even the person next to me on the bus!

Sometimes I am an epic listener; sometimes I am rubbish. But I keep watching for the things that slip me up and prevent me from listening properly and staying focussed.

When I do get it right, I can see the huge value of being Rock for someone.