The Concept

Being Rock - The Concept

“Be somebody who makes everyone feel like somebody...”

Ever wanted to know what to say when a friend is really upset? Or how to support your partner and children when they are trying to resolve a problem? Or how to empower a work colleague who is feeling frustrated? Or how to respond to a loved one who has received bad health news?

Being Rock is a simple concept of being able to support anyone when they are struggling or just having a bad day. And the great news is we can all do it!

We just have to follow the ‘Rock rules’ to become better partners, parents, friends and work colleagues.

A wise soul once said,

“ you can’t listen to someone and do anything else at the same time...”

I love that quote because it is so apt. You can’t listen and ‘do’. Being Rock is all about being: being alongside, being safe and steady, being authentic and being a fantastic listener. We hope Being Rock will inspire you.

Let’s start a (r)evolution of giving each other the attention we all deserve: let’s Rock!