“Become the listener you want others to be...”

The aim of my Being Rock talks and training (and my forthcoming book Just be Rock) is to provide a fresh, inspiring and humorous look at listening and being alongside people when they really need you.

Being Rock workshops are an engaging, perceptive and practical look at how we listen and support people. The workshop covers:

  • How to ‘be’ a Rock (including observing body language and how people speak)
  • A fresh look at listening or rather how to enable someone to feel heard
  • How to use empathy effectively
  • Avoiding the inhibitors – the Rock gremlins
  • The Being Rock extras – how to re-engage with your listening

Please contact us for more information or dates of forthcoming workshop and talks.

“We all have ears and yet the skill of listening has diminished for many. It is a skill we need to re-learn quickly because it is where true healing lies. Listening is an art form and Mandy Preece is its master. She talks from experience, with authenticity and authority. I am delighted that Mandy is bringing her excellent teaching to a wider audience, the world can only be a better place because of it.”
- Alexis Mack